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Search for massive supersymmetric particles decaying to many jets using the ATLAS detector in pp collisions at √s = 8 TeV
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stealth supersymmetry
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The ATLAS multijet search, 1502.05686, counts events with many jets. This inclusive strategy can be used to constrain any model with new particles with large cross sections that produce many jets. So far it has been interpreted in terms of 2 RPV scenarios. In order to assess the general coverage of the search, it would be interesting to recast more topologies. Stealth SUSY is an R-parity preserving SUSY framework that also leads to multijets, with low missing energy, but leads to different topologies with different phase space for jets and different numbers of jets than the RPV cases considered. No limits have been set on purely hadronic Stealth SUSY scenarios with prompt decays, so recasting 1502.05686 would allow for the first limits on these models.
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Stealth SUSY is described in: 1105.5135 and 1201.4875. Existing LHC searches require photons (1210.2052) and/or leptons (1411.7255) or displaced decays (1504.03634), there have been no searches for the challenging case of prompt purely hadronic topologies. An LHE file will be provided upon request (contact: The first topology to consider is gluino decay to gluon + singlino, singlino decay to two jets plus soft gravitino (the left topology of figure 10 of 1201.4875). The parameters to vary are the gluino and singlino masses (fixing the singlet mass near the singlino mass). This leads to 3 jets on each side, but with different kinematics than the gluino > 3jet RPV topology. Additional topologies with more jets can also be considered.