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Search for a Standard Model Higgs in the H->ZZ->llvv decay channel with 4.7 fb−1 with the ATLAS detector
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Invisible Higgs
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Fri, 05/18/2012 - 03:19 - Activated
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The LHC is well on track toward the discovery or exclusion of a light Standard Model-like Higgs boson. Such a Higgs has a very small SM width and can easily have large branching fractions to physics beyond the SM, making Higgs decays an excellent opportunity to observe new physics. Decays into collider-invisible particles are particularly interesting as they are theoretically well motivated and relatively clean experimentally. An invisible Higgs can be produced at the LHC in association with a Z boson. With the Z boson decaying to two leptons, the final state is identical to the existing search for a Standard Model Higgs in the H->ZZ->llvv decay channel.
Additional Information:
See the paper arXiv:1112.4496 by Yang Bai, Patrick Draper and Jessie Shelton for a RECAST done by theorists.
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7 TeV
Parameter Point1:
Mh=125 GeV
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Reference Cross Section:
19.8 (fb)


This cross section is calculated after taking into account the leptonic decay branching ratio of the Z boson and 100% invisible decay branching ratio of the Higgs boson.

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