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Search for anomalous production of prompt like-sign muon pairs and constraints on physics beyond the Standard Model with the ATLAS detector
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Naturally evasive SUSY
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Gluinos that result in classic large missing transverse momentum signatures at the LHC have been excluded by 2011 searches if they are lighter than around 800 GeV. This adds to the tension between experiment and supersymmetric solutions of the naturalness problem, since the gluino is required to be light if the electroweak scale is to be natural. Here, we examine natural scenarios where supersymmetry is present, but was hidden from 2011 searches due to violation of $R$-parity and the absence of a large missing transverse momentum signature. Naturalness suggests that third generation states should dominate gluino decays and we argue that this leads to a generic signature in the form of same-sign, flavour-ambivalent leptons, without large missing transverse momentum. As a result, searches in this channel are able to cover a broad range of scenarios with some generality and one should seek gluinos that decay in this way with masses below a TeV. We encourage the LHC experiments to tailor a search for supersymmetry in this form. We consider a specific case that is good at hiding: baryon number violation. The only light sparticles are right-handed stops and gluinos.
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