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Multileptonic SUSY searches
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Multileptons from Electroweakino Production
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This analysis has been interpreted primarily in models where multileptons arise from cascade decays of strongly interacting particles. Multileptons can also result from pair-production of electroweakly charged objects that frequently occur in BSM theories as partners of electroweak and Higgs bosons (i.e., MSSM, NMSSM, UED, and some Little Higgs models). A simplified model for this kind of process was proposed in A RECAST of the analysis for this model would be complementary to the original interpretation, as electroweak production populates the final-state channels very differently than strong production (i.e. fewer jets, lower H_T).
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The simplified model consists of an electrically charged particle accompanied by two neutral particles, the lighter of which is stable. In particular, the particles have the quantum numbers of the lightest two neutralinos and the lightest chargino. The new particles are produced via Standard Model vector bosons. Several of the production modes and decay spectra result in multilepton topologies. LHE files are available upon request.