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Search for new phenomena in final states with large jet multiplicities and missing transverse momentum using sqrt(s)=7 TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detector.
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Universal Extra Dimensions
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The Universal Extra Dimensions (UED) model is a viable picture for explaining the identity of dark matter, which leads to signatures of missing energy plus jets (the underlying process is production of Kaluza-Klein (KK) quarks and/or gluons which decay into the LKP (KK photon -- the dark matter) and colored SM particles). The SUSY searches for jets plus missing energy will thus directly place limits on the parameter space of the masses of the KK quarks (typically degenerate), KK gluon, and LKP.
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Useful initial results could assume that the LKP mass is much less than the KK squark or KK gluon masses. In this regime the bounds are roughly independent of the precise LKP mass. The production cross sections will be larger for the KK particles than for SUSY analogues, because they contain more spin degrees of freedom, and the efficiencies for detecting the signal events are likely to be somewhat different from SUSY analogues because of the differing spins.