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Invariant Mass Distribution of Jet Pairs Produced in Association with a W boson in ppbar Collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeV
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Higgsophilic Z'
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The Higgsophilic Z' of Fan et al. ( was constructed to explain the anomalous dijet resonance seen in W+jet production by the CDF collaboration. Unlike most other models constructed to explain the anomaly, this model uses an s-channel resonance production, which results in fairly different kinematical characteristics for the events. The model considered used a resonance produced through the t-channel. It will be interesting to know how sensitive this same search was to the other possibility of an s-channel resonance with its distinct kinematics and whether it can really explain the observed excess.
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The basic production mode is qqbar -> Z' -> W+h- (W-h+) with the charged Higgs (h+/-) decaying into quarks. The mass of the Z' is 270 GeV and that of the charged Higgs is 150 GeV. LHE files are available for Tevatron runs.