RECAST beta goes live!

We are pleased to announce that the beta version of the RECAST service. Thanks to generous support from the Perimeter Institute and excellent work by Nextide Inc., the beta version of the web-based front-end and API are now up and running.

The beta version is functional, but has a few limitations compared to the final goal:

  • Analyses can only have one "run condition" (so if an analysis is a mix of 7TeV and 8TeV, that is not supported yet)
  • No "Model" database yet: later one will be able to define a theoretical model and its associated parameters. Each request will be tied to a model, which will allow for one to find all RECAST requests associated to a given model and parameter point. Currently, one simply names the model in the request and provides the name:value pairs for the parameter point being tested.
  • A more refined way to upload the results of a request to provide responses for each parameter point tested. This applies to both the API and web site.
  • Automated and refined status logic for requests.
  • Refined permissions: experiment-specific moderators, authoritative subscribers, etc.
  • Integration with INSPIRE so that both requests and responses are tracked and associated with the original analysis